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Feedback about our DVDs...

Thanks for the DVD's ( Susies Rubber Fantasy & Eightsome Rubber Reel ), I am delighted with them. As a purist ( ie. not interested in bondage, domination, gas masks, PVC or plastic etc ), I think Susies portrayal of a young lady stimulated by the sensual feel of the garments, is superb. As you say these are certainly the best you have done so far, and more power to your elbow. The next thing for you to consider is how far can you go without being classed as pornographic. I watch with interest and wish you every success. - Dated: 23/11/08

Mactastic Volume 1 (From a member of The Mackintosh Society - Dated: 15/11/07)

Tori is beautiful.  She is like a renaissance painting of a Madonna.  Her dream like expression and slow movements improve enjoyment of the rustling wrinkling mackintosh.  She conveys the impression that she is wearing a mackintosh for her own pleasure and not just modelling it for others to look at. 

The close up sequences of Tori having a love affair with the rubber lining of the hoods must have been orgasmic to film.  It is as if you have been coaching your new model for years.  One could imagine that you wore mackintoshes together when you were flat mates. 

The rubber boots are just right; they are much better than the ones Claudia was wearing in the bondage film.  It is a pity that Tori is wearing ordinary clothes under the macs.  At least her arms and knees are bare to the rubber lining.  I know that you said that you wouldn’t ask the models to have nothing on under the macs but Tori’s business skirt and knitted top spoil what is otherwise a wonderful performance. 

When Claudia and Laura have nothing on under their macs but rubber pants the effect is electric.  An uplifting rubber bra and rubber pants would make all the difference to an old time mackintosh man like myself. A pleasure for me is watching a girl dressing up in mackintosh as in Macmerised 3.  Even better would be two girls dressing each other as in Macmerised 2.  Best would be when they start by putting on rubber bras and pants followed by Macmerised 6 in reverse. 

Red belted mackintosh with hood

Tori did not seem as confident as she is in the other macs.  Perhaps the tapes of the hood should have been pulled tighter before tying the bow.  I liked the way she caressed her bare arms and the tops of her breasts with the rubber lining. 

Without a proper buckle the belt kept working loose and it did not show off her figure to full advantage.  It is a nice rustling mac with an attractive hood but it needs fuller figure than Tori’s to do it justice. 

Grey/black cape with hood

The way Tori uses the arm slits of the cape to pull the mackintosh across her breasts and then smoothes the rubber lining of the hood against her cheek is very sensual.  The close ups of her undoing the buttons and playing with the tapes of the hood are teasing.

Shiny black rubber belted mackintosh

I am not normally very interested in SBR but this one is softer than many.  It helps that the belt has a proper buckle so that it does not work loose as Tori moves and stretches. 

Being buttoned to the neck with the collar turned up and wearing rubber boots emphasises that she is conscious of the effect she is having by wearing rubber on a fine day.  Again the close ups of Tori showing off the buttons and the belt are interesting.

Pink belted latex mackintosh.

The thin rubber of this mackintosh suits Tori but I do not relate to these welded latex macs.  They do not have the same appeal to me as rubber backed satin, taffeta, nylon or even cotton. 

The sound they make is quite nice but is not the same as the mackintoshes I was brought up with.  The stretchy rubber belt helps to emphasise Tori’s figure though and the rubber wraps around her in an attractive way as she crouches down in front of the camera.

White cape with grey rubber lining and hood

Tori made so much better use of the hood than when Claudia wore this beautiful cape in Macmerised 5.  Tori had it properly tied.  Even when she undid the tapes she kept the hood under sensuous control.  I would love to see Tori enjoying a hood like this when she is in a properly belted mackintosh of that material

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