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Emma Part 2 (Dated 10th Nov 2011)

"Most evenings when they got in from work they had a drink together on the sofa and talked about their day and their aspirations.  Emma wished that she could move on to something more rewarding than shop keeping; perhaps modeling.  James told her how he had started his own computer software service firm called James Heigh Sites Ltd with money that he had inherited from his parents.  The firm helped small companies set up web sites and sell their products on line.  He had a good range of clients now and the business was doing well.  He had vague ideas for a mackintosh web site and was surprised that Yvonne hadn't already got one. 

Emma normally took the lead with the cooking with James as assistant.  With simple meals they swapped roles.  Over dinner the conversation was usually the weather, the news, what was needed from the shops and other minor matters.  After dinner they would read or Emma would curl up on the sofa close to James and they would listen to a CD.  They didn’t watch much TV but preferred to talk about their love.  James was entranced by Emma’s smooth skin and delicate hands.  He would run his fingers through her hair and down her arms while she rested her head on his chest."

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"Congratulations on your two new videos "Layers of Mackintosh"! You seem to have picked up my suggestion about the trousers and also about getting the microphone close enough to get the full rustling effect. You have taken your videos to a new level of excitement!"

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  • I am now back from my travels to Spain - where I managed to film 3 new pieces of footage which I will be adding to the site real soon....

  • New story added - "New Coat Part 3"... check out the story section now
  • New story added - "New Coat Part 2"... check out the story section now.
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  • New story added - "New Coat"... check out the story section now.

A Fortunate Accident - Part two

"...My whole attention was on Janet as she sat sideways on the floor leaning against my good leg.  Gradually our conversation became more intimate.  She told me about her mother’s insistence on rubber protection and how lucky she had been to find a flat mate who also felt the need to wear rubber lined mackintoshes.  The sadness was that her mackintosh always came between her and any potential boyfriend.  That evening I did my best, despite my swollen ankle, to make her happy..."

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Many thanks for Mactastic vol 3 and RR which arrived on Monday.  Congratulations for two super offerings.

Thought Mactastic Volume 3 was probably the best yet.  Debbie looks totally at home wearing the various mackintoshes and gives the impression of enjoying every moment - especially in that yellow mack.  And of course the collection was superb.  Who is this character that has such a complete wardrobe !   Was surprised to see the item from George West.  I thought they closed many years ago so it was a surprise to see a cape in such perfect condition.  GW were right opposite Selfridges in Oxford Street and I recall buying a men's Dannimac in rubberised nylon there in about 1959.

It was in the sale and reduced from about £4 -4-0 to £2-10-0    Could just about afford it .   Took it back to the office in Marylebone High Street where one of my female colleagues promptly tried it on.  Did I miss a point ?  Have often wondered as I am sure she fancied me for some unknown reason !   The sad thing was that GW wasn't a shop you could walk around and drool over the racks of mackintoshes.  But then that was the approach with most fashion shops in those days. The salesperson was upon you almost immediately .

Liked the content of Rainwear Revisited .  Though not all to my taste, I accept that you have to have a mix to satisfy readers' attractions.  And the editorial was spot on line with its comments in the second paragraph saying " where those people were when everyone wore rubberised rainwear in the wet "   I wonder whether less use of the car with high fuel prices will bring a return to the wearing of long coats by ladies and mackintoshes in bad weather.   Did have to look up the "turgid" in the dictionary.  Lovely word.

And finally I guess it was you on pages 18,19 and 21.  You looked very serene and almost regal.  Keep up the good work - You brighten our lives.

Hi - Just found the site I've been looking for the past 20 years! Laura in Retro Mac 2 is unbelievable, and also love the SBR that she also wears in the Medly vids. High heels, tight belts, gloves just do it for me.

I joined your site today and just wanted to say that there are some excellent clips available.

Laura is utterly stunning and fills a catsuit better than any model I have ever seen! Can we please, please have much, much more of her in the rubber catsuit? I don't know where to start with my hopes for future updates!

Hope my input is useful to you and thanks for the time to get back to me. I am a member of a few similar sites but none have your particular style or potential for an amazing site with more rubber and definately much, much more of the incredible Laura!

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Dark wet days might make many people unhappy, but for Rubber Rainwear Films boss Ayshea throwing back the curtains on a dark wet morning is guaranteed to put a smile on her face.

She recently spent a morning in Windsor, catching up with friends and doing some shopping, and the heavy rain encouraged her to wear a head-turning heavy canvas cape. Enough to delight any rainwear lover, she even drives in it, and is keen for other women to explore the delights of cape-wearing.

“It looks great, keeps me dry, and certainly turns heads when I’m wearing it. My rainwear-loving friend Richard said it was a dream come true seeing me caped-up against the elements, especially sitting in a café enjoying a well-deserved coffee,” Ayshea says. “What’s more, I enjoy wearing rainwear just as much as I like making films about it. There’s a load of rainwear lovers out there and plenty of them seem to like my films. In the meantime I’ll continue to get cape’d up when the heavens open, and I hope other girls will do the same.”

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