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  • Back to Front

I first spotted Gretchen, a first year student, in the quadrangle. She had on an apple green double-breasted mackintosh, a garment the like of which I was very familiar with, even well-versed in, and such that I knew at once it was forty-two inches in length and in tip-top condition. Shy lad as I was in those days, I approached her coming down the steps from a class-room in a gaggle of girls and a drizzle and I asked if she would like to go for a walk. Her raincoat apart, she was the type of girl I was attracted to--almost as tall as I am and with a perky turned up nose. She looked taken aback and I imagined her—wrongly, I should add—to have the diffidence of a fresher being approached by a senior man. Had it not been for her raincoat the diffidence would have been in the eye of the beholder, in other words, mine. She looked up at the sky as if to ask the gods: was it really the weather for a walk? We went out along a path beside a stream. I cannot recall the conversation in any detail. I do remember quite clearly noting that her mac had a generous hood.

  • Jemma's Italian Holiday (Dated 28th November 2014)

"It was surprisingly easy getting undressed in a cape.  The client took our clothes as we handed them item by item from under our capes and he laid them carefully on the back seat of the Bentley.  It was a bit more difficult putting on a mackintosh under a cape and the client obviously enjoyed filming our struggles.  When we were buttoned and belted he asked us to take off the capes and pose in the mackintoshes.  The cold rubber lining made our nipples hard so he let us put our arms round one another to get warm.  Needless to say he was filming close ups as we rubbed the mackintoshes together.  He told us to button up to the neck, turn up our collars and put up our hoods.  He then tied the tapes in double bows under our chins so that we were extra conscious  of having nothing but the rubber lining next to our skin. "


  • THE DISCIPLINE OF RIDING MACS (Dated 23rd September 2013)

"I was brought up in an age when rubberised mackintoshes were the only waterproofs that kept one really dry in the wettest of weather. As a result they were worn by virtually everyone who lived in the country and spent a lot of time outdoors. 
In no way were they a fetish or looked upon as unnatural. Rather if you walked a dog or rode a horse and did not own a rubber mac you were the odd one out. If you went into the back lobby of any house in the country there was a smell of rubber exuding from macs and rubber gumboots - none of the plastic of today. "


  • A Lady in Red (Dated 14th May 2013)

"It was late afternoon when I saw her fist, she was hurrying towards her car , it was raining lightly and she was wearing the most lovely red satin mackintosh, in the kind of dark purple red colour that I haven’t seen for years.  It was long and as she hurried it changed colour as it moved in tune with her.  All my attention was on her and the mackintosh she wore , I moved across the parking lot to try and see more of her but she had by then got into her car and was driving away.  She drove right past me, the red of her mackintosh darkened by the rain clearly visible only a few feet away.  I watched carefully to see in which direction she went and then mentally retraced her progress from when I had first seen her in my mind. I realised that she must have come from the entrance to the offices over the store rather than from the store itself, and she carried no packages possibly she worked there, It was late in the afternoon so that fitted. As I returned to my car after collecting the package I had been expecting I was already planning how to be here again and find out more about my mystery mackintosh lady. "


  • Excitment in Mackintosh (Dated 16th Dec 2009)

"I love the feel and smell of rubber
I froze, the telephone handset quivered in my hand. I could not believe what I had just heard my friend Barbara say. Did she realise that I too enjoyed the same things? Of course not, how could she. But from such things new experiences were to happen, although I did not know this at the time. I could do little else but to admit to my own "secret".
Thus it was that Sheila and I set off some weeks later on a holiday to Spain. As requested I took my own S.B.R. mackintosh, as well as one left by my wife when we had split. Luckily this was to fit Sheila perfectly. I also packed a pair of rubber pants for each of us, black rubber sheets, and my one-piece black rubber suit. I only hoped that Barbara would not be offended and find all this too much. "  

  • New Coat - Part 3 (Dated: 24/02/09)

"Shortly after we had been to Brighton, Nick rang to say that he had to go at short notice to Indonesia for a month on business.  He asked me to come round to his flat for a drink before he left to catch the plane.  Naturally I took my mackintosh and as soon as the door was closed and without waiting for a drink I undressed and let him button, belt and strap me in.  I turned my collar up and he tied the tapes of my hood with a double bow. 

I was totally wanton.  I lay on my side on the sofa and smoothed the mackintosh over my hip and asked him to come and make love to me.  He knelt on the floor beside me to bury his head between my mackintosh covered breasts while he unzipped.  Then he knelt up and I stroked his penis against the rubber lining of my hood until he had found my clitoris under my mackintosh.  While he made me wet, I sucked his penis until I had to ask him to come inside. 

He made me stand up and bend over the back of a chair with my legs apart.   I couldn’t see what he was doing because of my hood.  All I could feel was the smooth, cold rubber lining teasing me.  It gave me a wonderful feeling of submission.   Instead of lifting the skirt of my mackintosh; he came in through the vent.  My mackintosh worked its magic on me and I abandoned myself to the sexual pleasure.  We both came at the same time."

  • A Fortunate Accident (Dated: 06/05/08)

"...one damp day, I heard the rustle and crackle of wrinkling mackintosh.  I looked up in time to see Janet undoing the belt and then the buttons of a long electric blue satin mackintosh.  She hung it on the coat stand which the PAs used.  It was just within my line of sight and I had a hard time concentrating that morning. 

I glimpsed the smooth rubber lining of the hood hanging from the collar.  Fortunately it continued to drizzle and I couldn’t wait to see her put it on again at lunch time.  I wasn’t disappointed.  I tried not to let her see me feasting my eyes on her mackintosh as she buttoned herself in and did up the buckle of her belt which emphasised her slim waist.  It was to be the first of many occasions when she unwittingly took my mind off my work.

From that moment on, when Janet came into my office with papers or to ask about something, I started to look at her in a different light.  Did she know how much I wanted her to wear her mackintosh?  What would she think if she knew the pleasure she gave me on those days when she wore her mac?  Maybe she did; I wasn’t sure but I had the impression that she came more often in her mac when there was the slightest hint of rain.  If the sun came out later, instead of carrying her mac she would still put it on and button and belt herself in as if there was going to be a downpour. 

Now and again she caught me looking at her and smiled.  When she was ready to go I found excuses to call her in and say something briefly about the next day’s work.  The best days were when it was really raining and she was wearing her rubber boots and already had her hood up.  She never seemed to mind.  She would come in with her mackintosh shimmering and whispering over her figure and stand innocently while I spun out the moment. 

Sometimes she would sit down in an explosion of rustling rubberised satin while we went over some point.  When I could not delay her any longer I would console myself with the sight of the mackintosh rippling over her body as she stood up and sashayed out of the door.  I wondered who will have the pleasure of her company tonight."

  • Waiting for a bus

"There was a woman waiting at the bus stop outside Selfridges in Oxford Street not long after the shops had closed.  She was medium height and had a nice bust.  I was attracted by her silver mac but I was too shy to say anything.  I hoped she would get on a bus going my way and I could get on with her.  When I realised that she had let all the numbers that came to that stop go by, I plucked up courage to speak to her.  By that time there were only two of us waiting and I said would she mind if I said how much I admired her mac.
She said thank you but it is a rather out of fashion rubber lined mac.  And as if to emphasize the effect of the rubber lining she turned at the waist and made the wrinkles pull from her waist to first one breast and then the other.  She was buttoned up to the neck and was tightly belted.  She had a handbag on her arm.  The mac flowed from under her belt and wrinkled over her hips in the way only mackintosh can.

I said that I thought that sort of mac was the best. 

She said I prefer this sort of mac.  I get lots of admiring glances.  I think a lot of men like to see a woman in a belted rubber lined mac.  It may be because they take me for a tart.  Certainly I often get followed and sometimes propositioned.  You look like a nice young man.  If you like we could go to a pub and talk about what attracts you to macs.

I must have hesitated because she said “Come on” and took my arm.  Pretend we have known each other for some time so that the people in the pub don’t think that I am a prostitute that you have just picked up."

  • A young man’s dream

I saw the woman walking in the park. Even from a distance I could see that she was wearing a mackintosh.  I had my usual hollow feeling at the chance of getting near a mac.  I cut across in her direction and as I got closer I could see that it was indeed a rubber lined mac from the way it draped and swung as she walked.  I followed her at a discrete distance trying to summon up the courage to talk to her. 

From behind I could see that her mackintosh was full length, narrow fitting with a properly eyeleted buckle belt pulled in tight, emphasizing her tiny waist. The folds of the mac where it was pulled in to the belt were in constant motion as she walked.  I wanted to see the mac pulling from her breasts so I increased my pace.

As I was about to overtake her she turned, stopped. It was almost as if she knew what I had been thinking.  She pulled her mac down into her belt which showed off her high pointed breasts.  She was wearing black rubber boots.  She looked at me in a provocative way and said ‘Hello, can I help?’  I went red in the face and said that I was sorry to bother her but I thought that her mackintosh was very attractive.  ‘Thank you’ she said.  ‘I am glad that you like it.  It’s rather out of fashion though.  It’s not gabardine. It has a rubber lining.’

I said that I had guessed that it was a rubber lined mackintosh.  ‘I think that they are the best sort.  Can I talk to you about it?’  ‘If you like’ she said.  ‘I am just out for a walk and I have a little time left before I meet my friend for tea.  Tell me what is it about my mackintosh that attracts you?  Is it the way that it rustles and slaps as I walk along?’  ‘Yes,’ I said, ‘I also like the way it drapes and folds over your figure.’  She said ‘Shall we walk together for a bit so that you can see and hear it up close?’  I said ‘That would be wonderful.  There is something about the way a mac swishes that attracts me and I can always spot one from a long way off.’

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