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Welcome to our cozy corner of the internet! 🌧️ As a small but passionate company, Rubber Rainwear thrives on enthusiasm rather than profits. Our cherished membership community, though modest in size, holds immense value to us. We want you to know that every penny earned goes right back into maintaining this delightful space.

About Us: My husband and I helm this ship, fueled by our love for rainwear and a dash of whimsy. We’re not here for the money; we’re here for the joy of it. And speaking of joy, we’ve had the pleasure of knowing many of you for over two decades! 🌟

Our Creative Journey: For years, we’ve been capturing moments—whether through film or photographs. Our commitment? To keep Rubber Rainwear fresh, unique, and free from déjà vu. If, by chance, we ever slip up and repeat something, blame it on the juggling act of parenting, being a supportive spouse, and managing Hamilton Classics Rainwear.

So, dear members, grab your umbrellas, don your favorite raincoats, and let’s dance in the rain together! 🌂💧

With soggy smiles, Ayshea Rubber Rainwear Enthusiast


What’s New.

“We have introduced a “members mail” section in the forum, and already have one member’s input regarding “favorite mackintoshes”…….take a look

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Please visit our sponsor, Every little helps maintain one of the last UK manufactures of traditional Rubber lined Mackintoshes & Capes.

I have set up Rubber Rainwear for all those vintage Mackintosh and Cape enthusiasts. Here you will find Vintage Magazines, Stories, Photos and Video Clips.

I have created this site as a hobby and please note that all my personal time and effort is provided free of charge. Membership of our small community is growing and currently all membership fees go towards supporting the hosting costs, charges, technical support and girls.

Without detriment to yourself or family, if you feel able to donate something to support my site it would be of great help and please do not underestimate the value your membership provides

should you not be in the position then please recommend a friend, every member builds on our community and supports our interest.

Hello Ayshea
Just thought I’d mention that I think your new web sites are absolutely fab.  I’ve just taken a years membership.
Good luck – I hope the site is a roaring success – it should be.
Kind regards

Hi – Just found the site I’ve been looking for the past 20 years! Laura in Retro Mac 2 is unbelievable, and also love the SBR that she also wears in the Medly vids. High heels, tight belts, gloves just do it for me.

I joined your site today and just wanted to say that there are some excellent clips available. Laura is utterly stunning and fills a catsuit better than any model I have ever seen! Can we please, please have much, much more of her in the rubber catsuit? I don’t know where to start with my hopes for future updates! Hope my input is useful to you and thanks for the time to get back to me. I am a member of a few similar sites but none have your particular style or potential for an amazing site with more rubber and definitely much, much more of the incredible Laura!