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Now you can finally own all your Rubber Rainwear fantasies on DVD!
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Our DVDs cost £30.00 each (including postage and packaging) Please write to us stating which DVD you would like to order and enclose a cheque addressed to: AD Interactive Ltd, 60 Brackendale Road, Camberley, Surrey, GU15 2JY

If you'd like to pay using other options please visit our contact us page or email us at

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The Water Pot


Susie and AD indulge in plenty of rainwear frolics so expect plenty of mackintoshes and cape action. AD spends a fun-packed afternoon in the flat with little helper Susie, who's rewarded with some bedtime bondage action. Capes and Mackintoshes help make this the ultimate fetish journey, a must for Rubberrainwear fans.

Debbie's Mackintosh Fantasies


Debbie tries on a vintage collection of Mackintoshes that are planned for a fashion show later in the week.... A Weathervain fawn rubber lined cotton mackintosh, a shiny black number, a rose red rubber lined cotton mack from Aqua Mack, another shiny black raincoat, a rubber lined satin polka dot mack by mac mac and finally... as a special treat a shiny red rubberette mackintosh again from mac mac.

Hamilton Classics


Debbie at home tries on a rubber lined satin mack called Sabrina, Memories of the heyday of macks in the fifties when rubber proofed satin was all the rage.  Her next mack is a very thin beige cotton with smooth rubber lining in dark brown, followed by a scarlet rain cape called Regina. Lastly the Christie a black mac with grey lining.

Mary's Mackintosh Moment


Elise wakes up  and puts on her shiny latex black catsuit. She decides to wear a collection of single textured rubber lined macks, plastics macks and capes. Also a selection of shoes and boots complete her look as she goes out for a walk.

Affairs of the Mackintosh


A lovely collection of mackintoshes, capes and all things latex, the highlights of which are an Ivory surfaced trench mack, grey klepper, South Bucks blue cape, Tierney green and white polka dot and finally a shiny black Mac Mac rubberette mackintosh and anorak all worn and modelled by Caroline.

A Trip to the Stables


Frankie has an exciting day ahead of her down at the stables, with her friend Debbie. Deciding to dress especially for the occasion, she decides to wear a cream riding mac - but does she wear it fully belted, or open?

Fifty Shades of Rubber


Mistress Lucy has her personal rubber slave for the day. After cleaning the hallway her next task to wash her mistress in the bath, dress her in rubber shirt and corset and then have her chores checked.... Does she do as she is told?

Layers of Mackintoshes


Susie enjoying the hot summer sunshine of Spain decides to try on a collection of mackintoshes and capes. But are they waterproof?

Mactastic (Volume 6)


Hayley is inspired by the Mackintosh Society's magazine to contribute a story, and helped considerably by the sensuality of her white caped mack. Such is the power of her mack that any concentration to write a story is taking second place to her disturbing feelings.

The Rubber Rituals of Laura


Laura wriggles into a tight transparent second skin by Polymorph. Preparation for the puddles and mud, and those crotch length waders are a delicious must..

Rubber Maid in Spain


Join Hayley in Spain for some sunshine rainwear action! The sun might be high in the sky but the action's firmly on the Spanish soil, as Hayley wakes up, wearing blue rubber pyjamas. But that's not enough for her, and she's soon putting on a matching blue mack and cape.

Mactastic (Volume 5)


Hayley's out and about in her lovely light blue mackintosh, followed by a green Malaysian rubber trouser suit.  Followed up by a red mack and SBR cape.

Mactastic (Volume 1)


Tori wears a selection of 'Hamilton Classics' mackintoshes and capes.  She looks particularly lovely in the pink Malaysian rubber kimono.

Cape Capers


Take two cape loving girls, give them a whole choice of capes and the result is Cape Capers. Join our young ladies as they enjoy the sensuous, all enveloping feel of latex and PVC capes that have been sourced from all across Europe - Exclusively for this DVD

Debbie's Tactile Treasure Hunt


The contents of the blue Peugeot are so becoming, for a working girl. She is so proud and so delighting in her rippling full length blue lightweight waterproof. The flower of rubberised beauty; as the admirable admires the flowers, and sheer beauty becomes more beautiful than the flowers themselves, perfume and adored.

An Eightsome Rubber Reel


"THE AWAKENING" - Under the turmoil of the black latex bed in a state of high excitement and uncontrollable wriggling. Susys sighing "What a way to start the day" is an understatement of what she really feels. So many waterproofs to choose from in her wardrobe. Captivated she decides on a blue rubber lined mack called "Christie" to start with .

The Adventures of Laura (Volume 1)


Brief description coming soon.

Mactastic (Volume 7)


Brief description coming soon.



Brief description coming soon.

Brief description coming soon.

Lucy Mack's Adventures


Brief description coming soon.

A Hard Days Work


Brief description coming soon.

Mactastic (Volume 2)


Brief description coming soon.

A Very Vintage Collection


Brief description coming soon.

Rubber Graves


Suzie decides to visit her friends house turning up in rubber stockings, boots and rubber mackintosh with the collar up.

It's time to pay some respect to her friend's grave so she puts her mackintosh back and places a plant next to her friend's grave.

Susie's Rubber Fantasies


Act 1. Whenever Suzie has a moment she loves to play with herself in her rubber rainwear. First she tries on a rippling blue latex cape which she takes to her black rubberised bed.

Mactastic (Volume 3)


A satin green collection from Weathervain consisting of a jump suit, mackintosh and cape with black rubber lining. Ensuring almost enclosure, a joy to view and an even greater joy to wear.

A full cut soft rubberised satin cape supplied by Sealwear hides a red satin mackintosh, beneath which is revealed a dress in the same material, lined in black rubber both specially made by Weathervain.

Wet Mackintoshes


Susie's back from shopping and, surprise surprise, she's treated herself to some new rainwear. But firstly, it's time for a refreshing glass of bubbly. Standing in the kitchen Susie quaffs the bubbly, before relaxing in the sitting room.

Macks aren't just for indoor wearing, and Susie's out in the rain, wearing the mack and sheltering under a groovy '70s clear umbrella.

A Rubber Weekend Stay


Brief description coming soon.

Girls and Mackintoshes


Brief description coming soon.

Three Black Macks


Brief description coming soon.

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