A Hard Days Work




Act 1 wardrobe mistress – what to wear for today’s work of mischief SBR or the traditional rubber lined Mackintosh? all feel so lovely but it has to be her rubberised, olive green in silk?

Act 2 the wearing of the green – all of a Russell she sets off and how to tease the passes by at the bus stop perhaps they will put up a road sign saying “danger rubber lined Mackintosh ahead”

Act 3 to launch – perchance to dream – alone in the garden there is time to dream of a mysterious black Mackintosh with hood and Cape shoulders wanton and imaginatively evil in such a fantasy Mac

Act 4 days of Wine and Roses – a rose coloured later cape time to relax in and pursue her favorite subject as displayed in the latest edition of Rainwear Revisited doesn’t it make you say sooo

Act 5 overbearing overlay Laytex…. over and over is she over doing it who cares it is so complete happy she prefers latex twice as much as Macintosh material

Act 6 final – well and knickers complete the working day but slowly and surely essentially and seductively was self satisfaction and self and supreme so so silky smooth if my friends could see me now

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  1. Steve bates

    Bautiful girls ..looking forward to making a dvd with them

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