A trip to the Stables




A trip to the stables

Frankie as an exciting day ahead of her down at the stables with her friend Debbie. Deciding to dress especially for the occasion, she decides to wear a cream riding Mac, but does she wear it’s fully belted or open?

Is the Cream Mackintosh appropriate? Frankie’s also got a lilac satin single texture Mac and she can’t resist trying it on putting it on. Inside-out enjoying the feel of the rubber lined against her clothes.

At the stables, Frankie meets up with Debbie who’s wearing a rare Dutch policeman’s riding Mac. Frankie and still in cream but following Debbie’s example puts on an SBR Mac, they start brushing down the horse after Frankie’s told off for enjoying her raincoat a little too much.

Debbie saddles up her house and then enjoys a trot around the ring

Frankie sneaks off to a secluded stable and wearing a gold satin Mac find the experience all too much, she takes off the Mac and underneath she is wearing an SBR riding catsuit feeling more than excited she plays with herself.

Then she decides to become Little Riding Hood wearing a gorgeous red satin Cape, she enjoys a full-on century experience touching feeling smelling the cake before putting it back on before joining her friend


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