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A little taster

Jemma’s Italian Holiday

“It was surprisingly easy getting undressed in a cape.  The client took our clothes as we handed them item by item from under our capes and he laid them carefully on the back seat of the Bentley.  It was a bit more difficult putting on a mackintosh under a cape and the client obviously enjoyed filming our struggles.  When we were buttoned and belted he asked us to take off the capes and pose in the mackintoshes.  The cold rubber lining made our nipples hard so he let us put our arms round one another to get warm.  Needless to say he was filming close ups as we rubbed the mackintoshes together.  He told us to button up to the neck, turn up our collars and put up our hoods.  He then tied the tapes in double bows under our chins so that we were extra conscious  of having nothing but the rubber lining next to our skin. “